i miss film cameras

I miss the days when you had to take your film out of the camera, and bring it to the developing place, wait a week, and go back to pick them up in order to even see your pictures. The anticipation of getting your pictures back from your vacation was almost as good as the trip itself. Back then, I always had prints of the pictures I took, hundreds of prints, so I was motivated to frame them, make albums, scrapbooks, send them to friends and family, all that good stuff.

Now, I take pictures constantly, but with my phone. And they stay in my phone. I try to upload (or is it download?) them onto my computer, or to a photo sharing service like Shutterfly or Picasa. But it takes a long time. Or at least, in my mind, it’s going to take a lot of effort, and so the pictures stay in my phone.

What I do love about digital pictures are these handy-dandy, pretty, and easy-to-order photo books! Once I get it together to get my photo files up-or-downloaded, it’s insanely simple to pick out ones to put in a hardcover bound book. Click click click, and you have an album.

So, 3 months later, I’ve finally ordered a photo book of my little guy’s 3-year-old birthday party. The cutest part is when he asks, “Can we read the Dash book again? No, the Little Kid Dash book, not the Baby Dash one.” So cute.

Someday, I will be organized enough to take pictures of my kids’ artwork and doodles and projects that I don’t have space to store. I will updownload them onto Shutterfly and order compact, color-coordinated, and chronological books. We can all dream, right?


ma sarap!

chicken adobo is gooooood stuff.


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creative outlets: paper bag baskets

I found a neat tutorial (below) from Ellinée for weaving Easter baskets out of grocery bags.

I’m always looking for crafts to make with the kiddos, but this was a little more than my kindergartener could handle.  He helped fold some of the strips, and wove the bottoms of two baskets, but lost interest after that. I think they turned out quite well.


easter baskets from upcycled shopping bags (please excuse the mess on my dining table in the background)

I used a regular grocery bag for the large one, and followed the tute exactly with a 6×6 base. For the other two, I used a striped bag from Paper Source; the medium basket with the bunny in it has a 5×5 base, the small has a 3×4 base.

Here’s the awesome tute:

DIY Grocery Bag Easter Basket via Ellinee

creative outlets


A room redesign it’s not, but in the name of living a more creative existence, I give you… raffle boxes!

I volunteered to organize a raffle at my son’s school. The prizes were a basket of books from Barefoot Books, 2 gift cards from JP Licks and a Boing toy store gift card. I made the ticket boxes out of shoeboxes. I cut out cow spots out of black paper for the JP Licks box, and hot-glued red foam paper on the book one to make it look like book cover. My two-dler decorated the toy box with stickers.
These pictures were taken the morning after the raffle, thus the added decoration in marker from H.



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