trolling thrift shops

There are three thrift shops in my neighborhood that I visit regularly: the Thrift Shop of Boston, Boomerangs, and Goodwill. Every chance I get, while running errands or just bopping around, I drag D into these places to browse. D is not such a fan, and when not trying to break things, he says things like, “Is it time to go now?” or, more often, “It’s stinky in here.” Trolling thrift shops satisfies three of my compulsions: shopping for objets pour la maison, finding killer bargains, and recycling/reusing/repurposing. All this AND supporting local charities!

I stopped into the Thrift Shop yesterday afternoon, and spied some very elegantly-shaped white teacups on the shelf. I turned them over, as any dinnerware aficionado would, and saw this:


I bought six of them on the spot, for 50 cents each! But my luck didn’t end there. The matching teapot was in the window! I recognized it right away, and practically ran back into the store, snatched it up, and for 5 bucks, added it to my stash. Whoooo!!!! The set was under $10 and I was high for about an hour afterwards. I may even go back today for the other four cups.


These pieces are not vintage, by any means. They are from the Arzberg Form 1382 collection, designed in 1931 by Hermann Gretsch, which is still in production today. Read more about Arzberg Porzellan here.