where’s my brain?

When working at a “regular job,” I was a type-A workaholic control freak. I used to journal my every move in my Circa planner, had a to-do list or chart for everything, and created multi-tab spreadsheets for big projects. I had a corresponding email folder for every My Documents folder, which also mirrored my hard-copy files. I used my P-Touch Labeler on a daily basis, and everything had to be in its place. I seriously think I was borderline OCD.

As a stay-at-home-mom, I’m scatterbrained, messy, and sometimes employ a “let the inmates run the asylum” approach to parenting. Right now, at 7.30am on Saturday, my kids are eating cookies and watching their 3rd hour of Disney Junior. In the past few months, I’ve lost my wallet, phone, and keys — the 3 basic things one needs to leave the house and get home without crisis and calamity.

  • My wallet was stolen at H’s school, and I only knew it was stolen and not in the depths of my car because Bank of America noticed “unusual activity” and called me. Big banks may be evil, but they treat you right when it comes to fraud. I didn’t even know one could spend over $300 at Walgreens.
  • I left my iPhone on the steps of my house overnight after doing some yardwork. I would have found it sooner if the “Find my iPhone” app was a little more specific. My husband saved the day.
  • I found my keys yesterday after 2 weeks of using the spare house and car keys. They were in the boys’ dresser. Duh.

I’m using a different part of my brain now — not the uber-organized, linear-thinking, logical part. It’s the emotional, reactive-not-proactive, nurturing, intuitive part. If I ever get my whole brain functioning, who knows what I could accomplish!


One thought on “where’s my brain?

  1. I’m sure you could conquer the world if you got the 2 parts working together, but right now you are on Mommy and “me” mode, and that’s a great place to be. Your children will be better for it, and you’ll be happier. Happy mommy, happy kids. Pretty sad that your wallet got stolen at your son’s school….just sad.

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