damn right i’m “mom enough!”

If you’re not aware of the brouhaha over Time Magazine’s latest cover, and related article, go ahead and Google it. Time is clearly behaving badly to get attention with this sensationalist cover shot. Grow up, media scum.

Does whether or not and how long I breastfeed define my fitness to mother? Who are they to ask me if I’m “mom enough,” or to question my parenting choices? If I ever thought that Time was a reputable publication, I was sorely mistaken. I now classify it with People, Star, and InTouch, except that I would actually buy those.

This says it all. Thank you to my friend and former colleague, Nancy Holtzman of Isis Parenting, for such a brilliant and perfect rebuttal. I especially love this:

Why is providing breastmilk to a three year old weirder and more harmful than providing a three year old with a steady daily diet of unhealthy food and drink that is shown and known to lead to diabetes, obesity, heart disease and colon cancer? Which is truly more controversial? What about parents who smoke, or allow smoke around their home and children? This is a known risk factor for SIDS, asthma, respiratory infections and cancer. What about parents who don’t buckle their children into booster seats or require seat belts when driving, or who allow their kids to ride bikes on the street with no helmet?

To my fellow mamas out there, Happy Mother’s Day. Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing a FANTASTIC job!


2 thoughts on “damn right i’m “mom enough!”

  1. I love your commentary on this article. Parenting is really all just one big experiment, but there is NO WAY that “attachment parenting” is healthy (mentally, physically or emotionally) for children or parents! You just have to pity publications that try to pass this off as acceptable.

    • Thanks for your comment! I’m actually a supporter and follower of attachment parenting, but I also want to support families who have a different approach. I only breastfed my boys for a year, but wore them in a sling, co-slept for the first 6 months, and had/have a “no-cry” approach to sleep training. I agree that it’s not the right style for everyone, but it works for my family.

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