potty training… or torture?

The good news: D (my 2.5 year old) woke up last night when he needed to use the potty! The bad news: he woke up at 4am.

We’ve quit diapers/pull-ups cold turkey as of last week. You’d think I’m following a grand potty training plan, but in reality I’m just cheap. We ran out of diapers, they weren’t on sale anywhere, and I refused to spend another $30 on a giant box of landfill.

D is totally cool with using the potty… unless he’s doing something else, like playing, watching TV, eating a snack, which are all he ever does. I think we need to call potty training what it is:

Letting Your Kid Pee and Poop All Over The House Until They Finally Get It


what do you think?

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