creative outlets: paper bag baskets

I found a neat tutorial (below) from Ellinée for weaving Easter baskets out of grocery bags.

I’m always looking for crafts to make with the kiddos, but this was a little more than my kindergartener could handle.  He helped fold some of the strips, and wove the bottoms of two baskets, but lost interest after that. I think they turned out quite well.


easter baskets from upcycled shopping bags (please excuse the mess on my dining table in the background)

I used a regular grocery bag for the large one, and followed the tute exactly with a 6×6 base. For the other two, I used a striped bag from Paper Source; the medium basket with the bunny in it has a 5×5 base, the small has a 3×4 base.

Here’s the awesome tute:

DIY Grocery Bag Easter Basket via Ellinee


One thought on “creative outlets: paper bag baskets

  1. I L O V E brown paper bags…I love these baskets, very modern to my eye. Then, I had the recollection that we made these out of colored contruction paper when I was in early grade school…a great tutorial series as well.

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