big hair, marching band, and bon jovi

Three things that remind me of high school. I just received a Facebook invite to my 20-year high school reunion. I am 99.9% positive I will not be going. Here’s why:

  • I grew up in central Jersey. No, I don’t know what exit. I fled the state as soon as I turned 18 for what I call “irreconcilable cultural differences” that still exist.
  • The reunion isn’t just in Jersey — it’s down the shore (note that I use the proper local terminology “down the shore”), at Point Pleasant, on the boardwalk, at Jenkinson’s amusement park. It doesn’t get much more Jersey than that. I’m scared.
  • I have social anxiety when going to dinner with people I know and love. I’d need ativan or valium or some such thing to just get through this.
  • Do I really want to party with people I haven’t seen for 20 years? People who I wasn’t even friends with in high school? People who contributed to my deeply depressed and disturbed state of mind throughout my formative years? Um… not so much.
  • Does anyone really enjoy going to these things?
  • Social media has enabled me to find people I wish I’d kept in touch with. I don’t need to drive 6 hours to Jersey over a weekend in June to find them. If I wanted to find the rest of them, I would have already.

I’m not the only one who feels this way — so does this guy. That said, there remains a 0.1% chance I could change my mind. If you have any words of persuasion, pearls of wisdom, or experiences from your own high school reunions, please share!

And no, I never had big hair. I tried, but I’m Asian. Yes, I was in my high school marching band — we were state champs. And yes, I did, and still do, love Bon Jovi.

hi there, handsome.


5 thoughts on “big hair, marching band, and bon jovi

  1. Hi Cheryl,
    I actually went to my 40th (first one ever) and actually enjoyed it. I was surprised. Now my 45th is coming up in Sept. and I plan to go.

    The one thing I learned is this: people are at their worst in High School. Even the ones you hated and who hated you have probably forgotten all about it and are now mellowed enough to actually be decent people. Also, you find out how many have died….so you realize how lucky you are. Biggest reason you should go….to show pics of your gorgeous boys!

    Love you,

    • Kathy,
      I love you, but gosh, that’s a little morbid. I don’t know anyone else who would suggest reunions as a way to keep tally of the dearly departed. 😉

  2. it’s neither an agree or disagree… just thinking it over. 🙂
    closure is an interesting concept, and i wonder if it’s even possible or just a perception.

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