post-baby bodies – a new normal

Having lived through the sad, lonely cycle of eating disorders, distorted body image, and low self esteem, I am hyper-sensitive to the pressure our media puts on new mothers to “lose the baby weight” and get their bodies back to “normal.” The Academy Awards, and the accompanying red carpet cattiness, elevates this superficiality to a truly obnoxious level. Those voted best dressed — Gwyneth, J.Lo, Michelle Williams, et al — by the ubiquitous fashion police have gorgeous figures, no doubt, but they do not represent what the rest of us should deem normal. I’m not the first to say that we need more realistic representations of women’s bodies featured in the media. I loved seeing Maya Rudolph’s voluptuous curves, a stark contrast to Angelina Jolie’s bony limb(s). Here’s a refreshing perspective on mom-bodies in this post via momfilter.

Getting pregnant, growing your baby in your body, giving birth, breastfeeding and nourishing your newborn — these are life-changing events that redefine “normal” for us. Why can’t we accept that these are body-changing events as well? I admit, I don’t always love my stretch marks, mommy pot belly, and muffin top, but they are signs of the physical metamorphoses I experienced during pregnancies. My C-section scar is a badge of honor for what I needed to go through, mentally and physically, to birth my babies.

There is strength in motherhood, and our changed bodies should remind us of the amazing things we are capable of.


3 thoughts on “post-baby bodies – a new normal

  1. OMG, Cheryl. That was wonderful. It brought tears to my eyes. But next time I see you, can I see the pot belly? To me you are lithe and slender as a graceful flower and just as beautiful as an orchid.

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