the “bappy” debacle

Blankie, lovey, comfort object. In my family, it’s called a “bappy.” That was H’s pronunciation of “blankie” when he first became attached to his. At age 5 1/2, after a day of attitude and back-talking, he still cuddles with Tiger Bappy every night.

We have quite the bappy collection, all from Angel Dear with the cute animal heads and little nubbies on the corners. A blue lamb is the original bappy. We stocked up on two more of the same once I realized he could sleep anywhere as long as he had Bappy. Within a few months, we rounded out our menagerie with a Monkey Bappy and  Tiger Bappy, emergency purchases made when we forgot to bring one with us. And so, the three lambs became known as Sheepie Bappy. They were more or less interchangeable, until H developed a preference for Monkey at around 2 years old. And for some unknown reason, he dumped Monkey for Tiger later on. I got him a second Tiger so that we’d have a spare, but he always knew which Tiger was The One, so Tiger Two was shelved along with the other cast-offs. In case you’ve lost count, we own six in all.

When D came along, I thought we had this bappy thing figured out. We didn’t buy him his own (bad mama!), we just used H’s old ones. We consciously kept them all in rotation so that he wouldn’t develop a preference for one over the other, and they got loved and laundered equally. What ended up happening? Just before he turned 2, he came to the realization that Tiger, Monkey and Sheepie were different. He now sleeps with all three…



Oh well. It is what it is.


what do you think?

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