“me” time

My first real week as a stay at home mom is finally over. I can’t remember another week when I needed so badly for friday to arrive. I left my job at the end of June, and summer was just plain fun, but up until last month, D was in daycare 2 days a week, and I always had my “me” time. The rush of the holidays hit us, and this was our first full week of back-to-normal living.

Fearing that D and I would be bored, I packed our week full of stuff:

Monday:  We went grocery shopping. It’s a simple task that takes twice as long when a 2-year old insists that busting open the Pirate Booty is more important than looking for the best deal on chicken nuggets. Lunch and naptime followed, and life was good.
Tuesday:  We spent the morning helping out in H’s class, and if I thought having a 5-year old was tough, then being around 20 of them sucks the life right out of you. Right from there, we babysat our neighbor’s daughter for the afternoon. I’m all for minimizing screen time, but let’s be honest, after a morning like that, it’s the Disney channel for 2 hours.
Wednesday:  We burned off some energy at the mall playspace, and hung out with friends after lunch. I threw D in the car and drove around for half an hour so he could sleep.
Thursday:  We had music class in the morning, and in the afternoon, picked up H and his friend from school and went out for a snack.
Friday:  Another morning with H’s class and afternoon babysitting. That’s a lot of kids in one day. I realize that just because I love kids, doesn’t mean I can spend this kind of time with them, at least not other people’s kids. My own kids, well, they came out of my body and they look like me.

At 3pm until bedtime every day, it’s the same thing — pick up H from school, head home to give the boys snacks, make dinner, eat dinner, and finally get ‘em cleaned up, changed and into bed, so I can crash on the sofa by 9pm. It’s way better than rushing across town at 5.30 to pick them both up, and doing all the same stuff in half the time.

Still, my body’s tired and my brain is tired. I definitely overdid it this week, but I managed to stay up late to write yesterday’s blog post. Not my best work, but I’m proud to have carved out some “me” time to write it.

Where do you find your “me” time?


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