Resolutions for 2012, or Things I Should Have Done in 2011

I will (finally) paint the stairway in my house. Benjamin Moore HC-144 Palladian Blue, on the left. I’ve had these paint squares on the walls for at least a year, and the damn paint in the basement for six months–it’s time to follow through.

I will get my hair cut this year. Twice, even, and I will spend less than $100 a pop. After all, my boys don’t notice if my hair has been precision cut and texturized with a straight razor after drying and smells like Keihl’s. Sorry, Margaret. You’re a dream come true, but I’ll go back to you when I don’t have to buy diapers anymore.

I will spend more waking hours with my family than working. I have learned the hard way that a good mom is a happy mom, not a stressed, overwhelmed, constantly rushing-around crazy woman. Balance, I will find you!!

I will reach out to friends outside of Facebook. Facebook, the evil interface that makes us feel like we’re being social, when in fact, we’re being quite anti-social. My personality tends towards the homebody loner-type, so I find being social–in the traditional, face-to-face, healthy sense–to be anxiety-provoking. Comfort zones are meant to be left behind.

I will read, write and create something every day. My whole life, these have been my favoritest things to do. As a proper mortgage-paying adult, I’ve let them fall by the wayside to the detriment of these skills. Harry Potter, blogging and cooking are the bare minimum. Time to get back to basics and bring back the good juujuu.

Looking forward to posting more this year!


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