with nearly all my focus now on my home and kids, i see what i was missing when work had me rushing from home to work to multiple pick-ups to dinner to bedtime. i am able to live in the moment, to connect with my kids, to move through transitions at their pace. being able to relax and slow down enough to really listen to what my 5-year old wants, I’m getting to know him better. having time to explain to my toddler what we’re going to do in the next 10 minutes helps head off the morning meltdown.

this morning, i had a long talk with dash about his waffle. did he want the waffle? no. does he want a bite of the waffle? yes. here, hold the waffle. no, abby (she’s our dog). no, no waffles for abby. mama. waffle for mama? mama. ok, do you want blueberries? boobey.

how many of these morning talks did i miss? granted, he’s only been talking for a few months, but gosh, that’s at least 100 mornings.


what do you think?

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