day one: easing into it

my first morning as an unemployed housewife, i was up at 6am even though i didn’t need to get holden and dash anywhere for 3 more hours. sleeping in is apparently not part of the gig. after 1 diaper change, 2 cups of coffee, 3 frozen waffles, and a debate about socks or no socks with sneakers, we made it out the door and into the car. it was lovely not having to rush through it all.

on the way to school, holden and i had a conversation that reminded me that i’ll have these types of conversations multiple times a day this summer. we passed a moving truck parked outside a house. the back was open, and we could see a good amount of boxes inside.

h: when we move to a new house, where will we sit in the moving truck?
me: we won’t be in the moving truck. we’ll drive our car.
h: so we’ll follow the moving truck to our new house.
me: yes, but we’re not moving to a new house soon. i like our house, and it’s just the right size for us (and we owe a bajillion dollars more than we could sell it for!)
h: oh! when we have a new baby, that’s when we’ll move to a new house.
me: yes, that’s when we’ll move. (are you kidding me!? we are SO not having another baby.)

after dropping them off at their respective places of education, i then had four whole hours to myself. i never imagined the luxury and indulgence of going to the grocery store without having to negotiate about snacks. i strolled rather than sprinted down the aisles, i read nutrition facts and ingredients on boxes, and smiled empathetically at the other moms who were negotiating with their kids about snacks. i spent over an hour there, just enjoying the absence of distractions, the act of focused shopping, knowing this would be a rare thing in the days to come.

it was a gorgeous summer day. i picked up holden and we had a picnic at the southwest corridor park near his school. we went home and hung out in the yard, weeding a bit, looking at bugs, and planning how to keep bears, lions, penguins and runny babbits out of our tent when we go camping. we went together to pick up dash around 5pm.

dinner, play, baths, bed.

holden has 1 more day (1/2 day) of school, and dash has 4 more days in daycare. then the adventures will begin for real.


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